DTF PRINT 12" X 16" Pack of 10

Are you looking for high-quality DTF transfers that are customizable to your specific needs? Look no further than our DTF print 12" x 16" transfers! With our state-of-the-art printing technology, we can deliver full-color, highly-detailed prints that are perfect for custom apparel, bags, and other fabric items.

Our transfers are available as single sheets, triple packs, five packs, or packs of ten, so you can order exactly what you need. And with our trade discounts, the more often you order, the cheaper the prints will be per sheet. Plus, our industry-leading turnaround time ensures that you'll receive your transfers quickly and efficiently.

When it comes to using our DTF print 12" x 16" transfers, you have complete flexibility. You can upload your custom artwork or logo file and use all the available space on the sheet with as much artwork and logos that can fit. And because our transfers do not require a minimum order quantity, you can order as many or as few as you need.

So why wait? Order your DTF print 12" x 16" transfers today and start creating stunning designs that will truly turn heads. 

Preferred DPI is 300, remember the better the resolution the better the printed image will look.

Pressing Instructions as follows:

Press First @ 158 Degrees for 18 Seconds

Peel Only When Cold

Re Press Finished item @ 158 Degrees for 5-8 Seconds

Make sure you are using a firm pressure to ensure the item presses correctly. 

Use a Pressing Pillow if necessary to achieve the desired results.

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