Avengers 10 DTF or SUBLIMATION Print 12" x 16"

This item is for the design shown which will be printed onto either DTF Film or Sublimation Paper and made ready for you to press onto your garment. 

Please choose which style print you want by ticking the checkbox below.

If you require your own design use the relevant Print selection from the main menu.

Pressing Instructions for DTF

158 Degrees 15 Seconds Firm Pressure

Cold Peel

RePress 158 Degrees 15 Seconds, Firm Pressure

Cover with Teflon or Butchers Paper.

Pressing Instructions for Sublimation vary from object to object, we use a high release paper from Epson and times and temperatures may differ,

PLEASE NOTE: Background are only shown so you can see the image they are not included unless part of the design.